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Let us guide you...

As certified personal trainers, health coaches and performance enhancement specialists, we will guide you through an effective program that guarantees that you will reach your individual fitness goals to look and feel your best. Whether you are looking for event or sports-specific training, want to tone and strengthen your body, lose weight, increase your stamina, or simply need someone to push you to get the results you want, we can curate a program that will work just for you!

Elan Personal Training Programs

  • Corrective Exercise Injury Recovery and Living Pain Free

  • Work-In Sessions: Restorative Movement, Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation and Mindfulness practices

  • Workout Sessions: Strength Training, Interval Training, Aerobic, Functional Movement and Mobility

  • Nutrition Planning: How to fuel your body for optimal performance.

  • Reimagine How You Workout: Building healthy habits for lasting change.

  • High Performance Mindset: Working towards excellence to perform at your highest level. Find out what’s possible!

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Training Sessions

Individuals: We will help you find the perfect program or trainer for you to reach your goals, amplify your life and get lasting results.


Groups: Each session is tailored specifically for your group's health and fitness goals.


Workshops + Trainings Programs are offered to sports teams, clubs, corporate teambuilding events and schools.

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